UD4H is a privately owned company dedicated to the research of the built environment and its impact on community health and physical activity. We are a team researchers, planners, and geospatial scientists that offer guidance, data, and forecasting tools to agencies and organizations that are striving to build healthier, diverse, and economically-vibrant states, regions, cities, and neighborhoods. 

The following links connect to data, models, and tools developed by UD4H.


National Environmental Database (NED) Viewers

NED 2015

NED 2021 (Under development)


Health Assessment Models and Viewers

National Tract-Level Health Outcomes (Under development)

Region-specific Models

Genesee Finger Lakes RPC

Southern Nevada RTC (Under development)

Southwest Freight Corridor Chicago DOT (Under development)


USEPA Smart Location Database and Calculator

2020 Smart Location Database (Under development)

2021 Smart Location Calculator VMT Models (Under development)