Urban Design 4 Health Data and Tools

UD4H is dedicated to researching the impacts of the built, natural, and social environment on community health and physical activity. We are a team of researchers, planners, and scientists that offer consultation, data, and forecasting tools to agencies and organizations striving to build healthier, diverse, and economically vibrant states, regions, cities, and neighborhoods.

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National Public Health Assessment Model (NPHAM)

NPHAM estimates the prevalence of chronic disease at the US Census block group level based on American Community Survey (ACS) demographic data and estimates of the built and natural environment. Regional and local planners use NPHAM to evaluate how changes in land use and transportation affect health outcomes.

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National Environmental Database (NED)

NED is a consistent and standardized set of built, natural, and social, environmental metrics at the US Census Block Group level. NED data can be used to assess how neighborhood context can support or hinder public health and how it interacts with other programmatic actions to support healthier lifestyles.

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